Saturday, September 17, 2005


George Band is in Gangtok. He was part of the 1955 British expedition to Mount Khangchendzonga led by Charles Evan. In 1953, Band barely 18 years old had accompanied the John Hunt expedition to the Everest that put Hillary to the Top. By 1955 Everest has been conquered and so had K2, Khangchendzonga was the third highest peak in the world which was yet to be conquered. Charles Evan was successful in reaching to the top of Khangchendzonga. As the peak is worshipped by the local tribes in Sikkim the expedition left the six feet of the summit undone as a gesture of respect to the local sentiments.

Though Such expedtions are no longer allowed, Sikkim is celebrating 50th anniversary of the Khangchendzonga expedition.

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