Sunday, September 04, 2005


As I opened the web page of
The Pioneer, I read this:
India contributes $5 mn for Katrina relief

Agencies/ New Delhi

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced a $5 million contribution to the US Red Cross for relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the devastating Hurricane Katrina.

Sania Mirza is performing very well at US open. Her next match is with the Russian girl Maria Sharapova. Best of luck and all good wishes to Sania.

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sumo said...

The problem here regarding the damage along the Gulf coast (worst hit New Orleans) that has made Americans so mad is that the governmental aid was too little too late. These stranded people (mostly poor and black) didn't get food or water for 4-5 days. There were old folks and children that died because of this. And it was 95 to 100 degrees too. Believe me the aid is appreciated from other countries...I'd like to think that we are not so disliked because of Iraq that people can put that aside. Other countries don't realize that Americans (a higher percentage) do not agree with the Bush administration about being in Iraq. We are protesting and trying to get out of it.