Sunday, September 18, 2005


A new study proves that our brains are still evolving. Is it true that the brains of groups of people from different parts of the world function differently? For more read here

How To Have A Beautiful Mind is an excellent book by Edward De Bono. Bono writes that we spend a fortune on clothes, cosmetics, diets, workouts and even on surgery - to make our bodies more attractive. But we hardly make any effort to make our mind beautuful. He starts his book with this story-"There is this beautiful women at a coctail party . She has flawless skin, elegant clothes and aperfect figure. Surprisingly, she seems to be much on her own. people come up to her and quickly drift away. then there is this short, balding and mousy man. He is always surrounded by people in animated conversation with him. What is going on? The beautiful women had a boring mind and the mousy man had a beautiful mind. This is the difference." The book spread over eighteen chapters throws a new light on the functioning of human mind. It teaches you how to have a beautiful mind. A great book.

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Eman said...

I agree with the idea of the book, i liked it, so i did download Simplicity, for Edward de Bono, so i thank you for inlightin me
Keep up,
Thank you one more time for your good energy