Thursday, September 15, 2005


I found it very intertesting that a 1905 masterpiece by Pablo Picasso has sold for $104m, becoming the world's most expensive painting.Garcon a la Pipe - or Boy with a Pipe - was sold to an anonymous bidder at Sotheby's in New York. Picasso painted Garcon a la Pipe when he was 24. It depicts a young Parisian working boy crowned with a garland of roses, holding a pipe in his left hand. He completed the painting in 1905.
But I wonder why the buyer want to remain anonymous! Does he fear thieves or Tax officials?

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sumo said... former brother-in-law owns a Picasso...I have touched it. A small etching of a woman (normal looking) in charcoal...very nice. Art is very subjective these days...and I think the owner does want to keep the thieves at bay and enjoy it alone. I had an art teacher that owned a Van Gogh...I had to touch it of course.