Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dreams, Oh Dreams...They Have Mighty Wings

You can never be sure about dreams. Realized or unrealized, they keep up popping. Some, like bubbles in a poodle go phut the instant they are born, and some others, like a dart hit the bull's eye. Two teen-aged boys from the remote corners of Uttar Pradesh, one a son of a truck driver and another who worked as a construction worker, had nurtured dreams of making it into the world of sports. They wanted to throw javelin. That was what they were practicing. They never knew where their dreams would take them.

They win a contest 'Million Dollar Arm', flown to Los Angles, trained with University of Southern California, signed with Pittsburg Pirates, and meet the President Obama! They are the first India born athletes to sign American major league baseball contracts. The contest was organized by the American sports agent JB Bernstein to find an individual in India who could hurl effectively for baseball. More

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