Monday, May 31, 2010

Dreams Die Young

Summer vacation brings spring of joy among the kids. Two kids from Kolkata were very excited as their parents have planned to visit Mumbai. They were looking forward, with excitement, to spend their summer vacation visiting Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Juhu beach and lots of other exciting places in Mumbai. 5 years old, they have never visited Mumbai or any other big city for that matter. They would see the pictures of Mumbai in magazines and would cry, 'hey, look this is Mumbai!' . Whole neighborhood knew that they were visiting Mumbai.

But their parents choose Gyaneshwari Express. The ill-fated train that on 28 May become victim of the sabotage on the way to Mumbai. More than hundred people lost their lives. Bodies of both the kids were found by the rescue team. They were in tight embrace. Tears rolled down the eyes of the rescuer separating each other. Both their parents too had died. We learn the story from their surviving grandmother. Some dreams die young, very young!

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