Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Vampires Aren't That Blood-Sucking..

I think it was Salman Rushdie who had said that it is the book that chooses their authors. Justin Cronin, who  besides teaching English at Rice University, wrote books like Mary and O'Neil and The Summer Guest and won awards like the PEN/Hemingway Award, the Stephen Crane Prize, and the Whiting Writer's Award has written a new novel - 'The Passage'.  The book is about vampires who run in packs and savagely kill people in night. There is also an FBI agent in the book. The book is selling like anything, and have been hyped by the publishing industry as going to be the hottest book of the year. The book is coming out on 24th June. 

There has always been a craze among the people to read about paranormals. People do like stories about Dracula, Zombie, and kids in magic school performing extraordinary feats. Such books takes the readers on a flight of imagination and are not too demanding on their brain. Justin Cronin has received millions of dollars for the book. He is laughing all the way to bank. Vampires or no vampires, people do love a good story, no doubt about that.          

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