Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Matter Of Taste

Jeffrey Archer in his blog has recommended reading R.K. Narayan. A great Indian writer who wrote in simple English. Most of us living in India have read R.K. Narayan in our school syllabus. But he was made famous by the TV serials 'Malgudi Days'. We know most of his stories through the TV serials. His decision to write in English was fraught with difficulties. He was very disappointed in not getting a publisher for his writings in England. It was the great English writer Graham Green that recognized his talent and helped him finding a publisher. Critics in India have rubbished his writings but some have compared him with the great Russian writer Chekhov for simplicity of plots.

But like foods, books too are a matter of taste. People do discover what appeal to their intellectual buds. Eat what you like, read what you like. Overall, have a nice time!

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