Monday, April 14, 2008

Tibetan Protest

Tibetans living in India, as all over the world, have realised that this is damn good time to show their protest to China. It is good that they have shown that they want freedom. But what is confusing is that their greatest leader Dalai Lama wants only more religious and cultural freedom, and not freedom from China. What then the Tibetans are protesting ? Don't they like sports? or is it because they are not participating in the Olympics! Or are they just interested in attracting world attention so they can get their Visas and financial doles from the West!

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Sunny Singh said...

Did you miss ALL those years of protests at Jantar Mantar and India Gate and Chanakyapuri? And in from of the UN compound? The Tibetans have been protesting for years. Its just that people like you obviously live in a different Delhi.