Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rushdie: Marriage Not Necessary

So Sir Rushdie no longer finds marriage necessary. The realisation came to him after marrying four women. I wonder how many things are necessary for humans to survive. The things that come to my mind are: food, water, oxygen, cloths, shelter, love or there may be a few things more. Marriage, if given a deep thought may not appear necessary. But the society is so disapproving of a couple living without marriage that a non-rebellious boy or girl has to resort to it as the only way to find companionship of the other sex. They bribe their relatives and society by serving them food and drink. Scientifically thinking, the human society can advance without the institution of marriage. If the institution of marriage is abolished, the greatest looser in India, I think would be the dresswalas, the band party, Ghoriwala , the jewellers, marriage card printers, food caterers, decoraters, shamianawalas, In India it would be an economic catastrophe if the marriage celebration is banned.

I think what Rushdie meant was the 'marriage of souls' rather than the ho-hulla of the celebration.

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