Monday, April 21, 2008

Political Olympic & China

The government of India did everything in its power to prevent attack on the Olympic torch that passed through Delhi. The bandobast was amazing. All the roads leading to Rajpath, where the relay took place, was barricaded. Tibetans and their support group kept protesting far away at Jantar Mantar. The Chinese are happy. Not only the Government of China but the common Chinese too have expressed their happiness over the positive role played by India. They blame America and Europe for fanning Tibetan issue. A Chinese student at Beijing university say-"Tibet is inseparable part of China. We have spent astronomical amounts on development of Tibet. The western nations want to humiliate us that is why they are raking up the Tibetan issue." (Outlook April 28)

Recently, When a team of Indians visited China they found a new warmness in the Chinese attitude towards Indians. The bitterness of 1962 is no longer there. They were surprised to find Chinese boys and girls wearing Kurta-Payjama and taking Indian foods at India cultural programmes at Beijing and Sanghai. Many of them want to visit India.

Alok Mehta, the Editor-in-chief of weekly OUTLOOK say that the Indian leaders like Yaswant Sinha and George Fernandese will not bring out any protest march for better living condition and their rights for the people flocking from Bihar, UP, Rajsthan, Kerala, Bengal etc to Delhi. Many migrants who actually help the economy of the metro live in abject condition. They fall victim to criminals, police, henchmen of politicians in the city, diseases etc. These leaders, instead of focussing on the local issue will participate in a procession demanding independence for Tibet. Why don't they participate in the independece movement of Khalistan, Nagaland, Kashmir, Manipur etc? They are concerned about human rights abuse in Tibet, but give no thoughts to their poor fellow countrymen. Democracy has no meaning for the people living below poverty line.

Even Dalai Lama has accepted that the Tibet has materially progressed well under the Chinese rule. Even Dalai Lama has not demanded complete independence for Tibet. Isn't it pure stupidity on the part of Indian leaders (Yaswant Sinha) to suggest Dalai Lama to demand total independence for Tibet from China?

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