Sunday, August 28, 2005


My meeting Lama Yungdrung was accidental. I was learning Buddhism in Sikkim. I heared about a 2oo years old monastery called Pemayangtze in West Sikkim. I decided to visit it. I contacted a local freelance photographer friend Mr Lepcha. He agreed to accompany me to pemayangtze monastery which was a 4 hour drive from Gangtok. He said that it would be nice if we take a Lama with us. The Lama according to him would be able to explain to us what we will not understand at the monastery. I was doubtful about the idea of taking a Lama from Gangtok, dont we will get plenty of them at the monastery! Mr Lepcha said that he knows a Lama who is a good friend of him and who has agreed to accompany us to the monastery.
Next day morning it was drizziling. Mr Lepcha arrived with vehicle and honked at my residence. I entered the vehicle and saw an elederly monk with a big smile. 'How are u saheb?' He said. I returned the smiled and shook hand with him. 'Please visit my monastery . It is a small monastery , but ours is the oldest religion', Lama Yungdrung said. At that time I hadn't comprehended the full meaning of what he was saying.
It was only later that I understood what he meant by his 'oldest religion'.
Read my next blog...for more that what I discovered.

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Rob Tsewang Norbu said...

Hi Sandy!
I too have met Yungdrung Tsultrim Rinpoche. What a nice man, so fit!
He kept up a good pace when I was there 3 yrs ago!

If you are interested see our charity website -
for more info on his tradition!

Take care
Rob Tsewang Norbu
TYBSC UK Administrator