Friday, August 26, 2005

Gangtok And Shimla

Sikkim is a small Himalayan state. Gangtok, its capital is small and beautiful. Gangtok, I think is more beautiful than Shimla. This could be because Gangtok is new and younger than Shimla. Like other Hill stations in India Gangtok was never under British. Sikkim remained protectorate of Government of India till 1975. In 1975 Indira Gandhi took some strong steps to make Sikkim a part of India. There was also a people's movement here for Sikkim's merger with India. Under the leadership of L.D. Kazi, the Chogyal, the king of Sikkim was removed and a democatic election for the first time was held in sikkim in 1975 and Kazi became the first Chief minister of Sikim. The Kazi is still alive. Now more than 100 years old he lives in Kalimpong, a nearby hill station adjacent to Darjeeling. The young generation now seem to forget him. He leads a reclusive life.

But Gangtok moves on. People now eager to excell in life are vibrant and dynamic. One thing that is remarkable about the people of Gangtok is that there is a streak of spirituality in their quest for material things.

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