Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Absolute Truth

Khuswant Singh, the grandfather of Indian journalism, has never been so candid. In his latest book-'Absolute Khuswant' he has delved deeper into his life and  has revealed some more facts. He is 95. He confessed that he didn't enjoy a happy married life. He says that from the beginning of his married life his wife was not into him. Although it was a love marriage she had regrets that she choose Khuswant over other more 'successful' suitors. He says that she even had an affair with a particular man for over twenty years. This was painful to Khuswant. He never had any emotional affairs himself, but had some affairs for short period where he was more into lust than love. He also reveals that he has bedded women from various nationalities- 'they all are same in bed'. He wears proudly  the title of 'dirty old man'.

He has expressed his political views with frankness, calling Manmohan Singh the best Prime Minister India ever had. He laments the anti-Sikh riots that took place in Delhi after the assassination of Indira Gandhi could have been prevented had Rajiv Gandhi, instead of receiving guests at his residence to mourn the death of his mother, taken some hard actions to prevent it.

His life has been solitary-'I get impatience with people. Writing is a solitary task and I am more comfortable being alone.'  He doesn't have much regrets but that he started writing very late in his life. 'Had I started earlier, I would have written more books.' He admires Mother Teresa, Manmohan Singh and Nirad.C. Chaudhury. The book has been written with journalist Humra Quraishi. 

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