Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Argumentative Indians

"It’s Americans who are most creative." Dr Edward De Bono, the Malta born psychologist who has written extensively on the working of human mind (Six Hats & Lateral thinking) thinks so.
He says “Americans are creative and have a go–getter attitude.
The Chinese have not started thinking creatively but the Japanese are slowly shifting from logic based thinking to creative thinking. The French think they are most creative. But in fact they are not!’ This is surprising, with those paintings,food,wine and architcture, I thought they were most creative!

And Indians! What he thinks about them? Bono says ‘from the limited interactions I’ve had, I find Indians very argumentative. Argument is a very primitive way of discussion’. Bono is in Delhi on a lecture tour. He implored corporate honchos to ‘think out of box’.
What are three factors which prevent people from thinking creatively? "Lack of confidence, lack of knowledge of adequate creative thinking tools, fear of taking risks," he replies.


Sunny Singh said...

Trust St. Bono to come up with "primitive" and limited experience in the same breath! Methinks white man not like disagreement. :-)


Yea, you may be right. I wonder if Indians are not creative, then who created Taz Mahal, Thousands of temples with unique architecture,sanskrit literatures etc. I think, the subject demands an extensive discussion. Or do we need to rethink and redefine what creativity actually mean?