Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Scheme of Providence

King Bharthari after renouncing the world wrote three important books-Niti Shatak, Vairagya Shatak and Sringar Shatak. In Niti Shatak, he tells an interesting story. A snake was locked in a basket for quite a long time in the house of a snake-charmer. Once, a rodent entered the basket by making a hole in it. As soon as the rodent entered the basket he was eaten up by the snake. Strengthened by the food, the snake slipped out of the basket and became free. Bharthari explains that the action of the rodent led to the liberation of the snake. These two seemingly unconnected agents get connected in broader scheme of providence.

Don’t desist from action, you may become a liberating agent for some unfortunate snake (It’s not a joke!). If you are trapped hopelessly, never loose hope, a rodent may turn up to help you. Sometimes, inaction is better than action.